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Customize Rows China 3 Point Hitch Corn/Soybean Precision Planter With Fertilizer

Hexie is a professional Corn/Soybean Precision Planter manufacturer, tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter From Hexie Company, the machine works with the tractor, it is mainly used for single-grain or double-grain sowing of corn and soybean in the no-tillage land, and can be applied with grain-like fertilizer. It can complete the process of ditching and fertilizing, planting ditch, sowing, covering soil, and repressing at one time. The mulching mechanism can complete the mulch cover. Now Corn/Soybean Precision Planter manufacturer Hexie produced Sweet Corn/Soybean Planter for sale, it not only good quality but also in line with China Corn/Soybean Precision Seeder Price.

The advantage of Customize Corn/Soybean Precision Planter

Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter, high precise seeds clearance, evenly sowing, stable, seed-saving and less thin out seedling. Adopts “zero speed”, equal potential energy, low position feeding seeds, precise dibbling hole, the seedling is even and sturdy, the seedling spacing is even. Feed outlet is driven by the gear. There is an anti-reverse mechanism at the inside of driving gear to avoid troubles arising from machine reverse turning. You can adjust the rows spacing by changing different driven gears. We can pick out the whole disc cover when clear the seeds. Seeds clearance is convenient and thoroughly.

Features of Customize Corn/Soybean Precision Planter

Tractor Mounted Maize/soybean Planter, the seed metering device has high seeding precision, and the particle number qualification index reaches over 90%. With normal filling, it can work at high speed. When the plant spacing is not less than 20 cm, the working speed can reach 8 km/h. The whole spacing is accurate, the seedlings are evenly divided, the competition is small, the individual advantages can be fully exerted, the crops grow vigorously, and the yield is high. It is equipped with single and double-grain guided wheels. When the user’s seeds are selected seeds, you can choose single-lead seed wheel to achieve one-hole and one-fine seeding. Non-selected seeds can be selected with double-grained guide wheels. One hole and two seeds. Suspension leg design: plain, mountain, uneven slope, can maintain the same cultivation effect.

The drive shafts of each line are connected in one unit, and the drive is unified. The speed is one to one, and the transmission power is large. Even if one of the ground wheels accidentally slips, it will not affect the normal sowing of the line. The entire machine can change the plant spacing through a single gearbox, which can produce four plant spaces. By changing the gearbox ratio, the row spacing of the entire machine can be changed. The gearbox operation lever can control the radial pendulum and axial movement of the pendulum wheel at the same time. The operation is quick and convenient. All the gears of the gearbox are made of high-quality steel a carburized. The transmission parts are all made of high-quality rolling bearings with reliable performance.

The rack is raised from the ground, and the distance between the front and rear openers is widened, which reduces the phenomenon of summer wheat straw blocking the machine! Now Sweet Corn/Soybean Planter for sale, not only quality but also China corn/soybean precision planter price can meet your needs, welcome everyone to come to consult.


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