Peanut Picking Machine To Improve Work Efficiency


China is a big agricultural country, and the planting area of ​​agricultural products is also very large, especially the area where peanuts are grown. Therefore, harvesting peanuts is a huge project for farmers in the season of peanut harvesting. Therefore, peanut picking machine equipment is used.
Peanut picking machine is mainly used for machine tools for peanut harvesting. The advent of peanut pickers has transformed the current peanut harvesting method with traditional peanut harvesting methods, making peanut harvesting simple and effective. Because the working environment in the farmland is relatively complicated, the picking machine may encounter various types of problems during the work. In the face of these problems, we must respond in time to improve the work efficiency of the equipment. Here is a brief introduction to the Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine developed and produced by our company.

Medium dry and wet peanut picking machine 500/400
For the new form of picking machine, the configuration of the claws and the arrangement of the drum type are reasonable, which has a great influence on the quality and production effect of the peanut picking. The picking machine takes the form of a sealed drum and a knife-shaped nail. The fruit of the peanut is broken, the whole peanut has fewer stems, and the production effect of the picking machine is relatively low. After repeated experiments and research by our company’s experts, the fruit picker of the knife-shaped nail was transformed into a fruit picker with a cylindrical picking claw. At the same time, in order to reduce the mandatory impact of the peanut picker on the peanut stalks, and avoid the hanging phenomenon of the picking machine, the picking claws of the equipment are made into a slightly curved shape at the top and the back, which improves the quality of picking fruit off the peanut picking machine. The quality of the picked peanuts of the fruit picker has been improved.
When the Medium dry and wet peanut picker has a small fault, it can be solved by itself, such as adding grease, repair welding, and other treatment methods. When the peanut picking machine appears to be blocked by the drum, first check the amount of peanut feeding, the dryness, and wetness of the peanut stalk, and the degree of the triangular tightening of the motor of the peanut picker. To achieve the above points, the working effect and working efficiency of the equipment can be improved to some extent.




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