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Agriculture equipment 3 point tractor mounted potato harvester is a crop harvesting machine designed to meet the needs of modern agricultural production management to complete fruit harvesting. Separation of soil, paving, picking, picking, and cleaning. This type of equipment consists of a frame, a transmission system, a lifting system, a lateral fruit transplanter. And a fruit collecting box, a digging shovel, a shovel, a pinch conveying system, a fruit picker, a vibrating screen, a lifter.

Operation phase of Potato Harvester

In agricultural production management, the introduction of potato harvester can complete the harvesting and processing of potatoes in one stop. Reducing the cost of human and material resources. The actual harvesting operation of the equipment is generally divided into several segments.

Excavation and placement. When about 70% of the potatoes are nearing maturity, they can excavate with a potato excavation machine to complete the excavation. De-soiling, turning and laying of the potatoes. After the operation of the potato excavation and placement machine, the potato hazelnuts are placed in the field in a row. And the turning mechanism makes the potato fruit face up and is exposed to the sun for 3 to 5 days.

The main structure of the potato excavation part is composed of excavating shovel, conveyor, turning wheel and frame. The turn-over system can provide a good turning effect, can adjust according to specific conditions, and can remove excess soil and debris during the turning process.

Pick the fruit. The dried potato hazelnuts are transformed into a picking and packing structure. And the potato harvester with picking function completes the tasks of picking, picking, separating, clearing. And collecting fruit. Potato mash is sprinkled into the field to improve soil fertility and organic matter.

Farming machine potato digger cropper mounted agriculture tractor, the harvesting machine is hydraulically designed to remove the PTO shaft and provide more flexible speed control. The driver can easily manipulate the lever according to the cab gauge indicator to match the speed of the conveyor belt to the forward speed of the unit to reduce digging losses. High-strength construction and high wear-resistant materials ensure high machine reliability and low maintenance costs.

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