Advantages of self-propelled multifunctional fertilizer applicator


The self-propelled multi-functional fertilizer applicator is suitable for all crops in dryland between ridges. Optional gearboxes produced by formal enterprises, and high-quality gasoline engines as supporting power. Easy to start, light, and durable. The overall board design, one-time molding, sturdy and durable.

The self-propelled multifunctional fertilizer applicator is a multifunctional fertilizer applicator that integrates ditching, fertilization, mixing, and backfilling. It can complete the mechanized fertilization operation of commercial organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers at one time. The width and depth of fertilization can be changed by changing the installation. The mixing parts of the trench machine are realized. Crawler-style walking can turn 360 degrees in situ.

The self-propelled multifunctional fertilizer applicator can deliver fertilizer to the roots of crops according to the different needs of crop growth, which improves the crop’s nutrient absorption capacity and fertilizer utilization rate. It can be used for multiple purposes. It has five functions: automatic ditch fertilization Backfilling is completed at one time (chemical fertilizer), separate ditching to apply soil and miscellaneous fertilizers, backfilling, rotary tillage, and weeding devices can be replaced after backfilling, rotary tillage, and weeding operations; this reduces the labor intensity of fruit farmers, improves production efficiency, and saves Labor and production costs; it is small in size, low in the center of gravity, flexible in operation, and can be turned in place.

A self-propelled multifunctional fertilizer applicator is used for high-quality, large-area, and efficient spreading operations. It can be easily used for sowing base fertilizer before farmland, sowing after farming, and seeding on pastures and pastures. Fertilizer mixing and spreading, spreading snow melting agent after snow and other operations. The machine is used with the rear suspension of a 25-55 horsepower four-wheel tractor. It is suitable for planting and fertilizing in areas with different conditions such as flat farmland, grassland, slope land, and hills in agriculture, forestry, and pastoral areas. The multi-functional fertilizer applicator is more than 500 times that of manual operation, which reduces the labor intensity of manual spraying. In addition to saving working time, the uniform spraying effect can also bring greater output and economic benefits. The product is made of imported first-hand materials and has the characteristics of anti-acid, alkali and salt corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, etc. The hopper is made of integral one-time molded polyethylene.

Advantages of self-propelled multifunctional fertilizer applicator

1. Uniform fertilization and control of fertilization amount are easy to save costs, enhance fertilization effects, and greatly increase crop yields.
2. Reduce human labor energy consumption and improve labor efficiency. The width of horizontal fertilization is more than 20 meters. If the agricultural fertilizer spreader is used in an ideal paddy field, it takes only 2 to 3 minutes per acre, which greatly reduces labor costs.
3. Simple operation, making the operator more comfortable and faster to use, convenient maintenance and maintenance, long service life, and easy maintenance. Supporting power: 25-100 horsepower four-wheel tractor, the transmission mode is the rear output shaft of the tractor, the suspension is the tractor three-point suspension, the throwing width: 5-30 meters (adjustable), the supporting protective sleeve is thickened the universal drive shaft.

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