AKZCJ-R6 Silage Grass Chopper Machine for small farmers saves 50% Labor costs


Application range of silage grass chopper machine

Hay crop straw cutter silage grass chopper machine is a machine that uses a high-speed rotating hammer to crush feed. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, safe and reliable, easy to install, convenient to operate, small vibration, versatility, high productivity, and safe use.

High-quality animal feed corn stalk silage cutting machine is mainly used for the chopping processing of plant straws such as crop straws and branches with a diameter of 5 cm or less. It can also be used for chopping processing of various crop straws and pastures. The whole set of equipment is mainly used for chopping processing of biomass such as cotton stalks, bark, branches, corn stalks, wheat straw, straw, etc. Processed products can be used for power generation, paper making, wood-based panels, and refined alcohol.
Silage cutting machine can also be applied to a variety of plants with a growth period of one year: such as broken cotton, corn stover, eggplant, pepper, etc. The crushing length can be manufactured according to customer requirements. The broken agricultural plant debris can be used to manufacture raw materials for various production industries such as organic fertilizer, fuel, particleboard, and paper. The equipment turns a large amount of green garbage that was difficult to be sold into a treasure and exerts new economic value. At the same time, it also protects the environment, improves the soil, and creates good social benefits.

Introduction to the work of Corn Stalk Silage Cutting Machine

Animal fodder silage cutter crop straw crusher supplier Hexie crop straw crusher’s packaging work, effective packaging, and recycling of straw waste crops, is also proved to support the strong recovery power of corn straw balers, corn straw balers are mainly based on the characteristics of straw Develop a package plan to carry out the work effectively. For the corn straw baler hydraulic cylinder, the stroke is longer, and the size after retracting is smaller. It is suitable for the occasion where the space for placing the hydraulic cylinder is limited and the stroke requirement is long. It is often used in construction machinery and transportation machinery.
When the corn stalks baler hydraulic cylinder drives the high-quality components to make a rapid reciprocating motion, since the moving parts of the corn straw baler have great kinetic energy, when the corn stalk baler piston moves to the hydraulic cylinder terminal, it will collide with the end cap. , and produce shock and noise. China corn stalks cutter silage grass chopper machine mechanical shock not only causes damage to the relevant parts of the hydraulic cylinder but also causes damage to other related machinery. In order to prevent this hazard and ensure safety, buffer measures should be taken to control the speed of the hydraulic cylinder.

Features of Animal Silage Fodder Cutter

China animal silage fodder cutter crop straw crusher is a versatile pulverizer that can pulverize a lot of materials, such as bark, corn stover, straw, corn cob, plant stems, etc., which can be crushed and reused. Welcome to small businesses and farmers, the following describes the function of the straw crusher.
1. Since the arrangement of the blade of the straw crusher is different from that of the domestic and foreign garbage crushers, the theory of pull-break and the theory of shear-crushing are mainly used to overcome the material of most waste crushers at home and abroad for crushing flexibility and humidity (such as corn). Rods and other straws) are vulnerable to the weakness of the car.
2. This machine adopts multi-axis crushing, and the crushing chambers of each level are staggered. Each straw will undergo multi-stage crushing and the crushing directions are complementary, which overcomes the shortcomings of the material that can not adapt to various crushing directions. Adapt to all kinds of straw bags, especially the whole baled straw bag, and almost no leakage of straw after crushing, thus ensuring the material size is qualified; each roller is cleaned with each other, the material will not wrap around the shaft. The straw crusher also has functions such as self-repairing of the blade, automatic cleaning of debris, fire sprinkler, positive and negative reversal, and automatic cooling.

Selection skills of crop straw crusher

China animal silage fodder cutter crop straw crusher can automatically complete the extrusion compression and bundling of crops such as wheat and pasture.
And a series of operations such as coating can be used with a variety of models of silk reeling machine or boring machine and can adapt to a variety of different regional operations, the company is now equipped with two types of rope strapping and cable tying. High-Quality Animal Feed Corn Stalk Silage Cutting Machine is relatively simple in structure and small in size, so its price is relatively cheap, daily operation and maintenance are very simple, and the bale density is smaller than that of square bales. The machine is large, and it is convenient to transport and store. It can be stored in the open air for 2-3 years, and it can work continuously and with high efficiency.

Select automatic corn stalk packaging attention points

1. Check the nameplate labeling contents, including machine model, external dimensions, supporting power, production date, manufacturer name, etc.
2. Try to choose a production company, which is good for future mechanical maintenance and repair.
3. After receiving the machine, check the appearance quality of the machine and whether the exposed rotating parts and power output shafts are safe and protected, and whether they are marked with warning signs.
4. Check whether the automatic corn straw packing machine has “three guarantees” certificate, factory certificate and instruction manual.
China Corn Stalks Cutter Silage Grass Chopper Machine produced by Hexie Machinery is the only baler driven by oil pump in China. It’s working efficiency and stability are dozens of times more than that of an air pump! And the maintenance cost is only half of that of other manufacturers.

Maintenance of Silage Grass Chopper Machine

Hay Crop Straw Cutter Silage Grass Chopper Machine is a new type of equipment in agricultural machinery. The use of this machine effectively reduces the phenomenon of straw burning in agriculture. However, no matter what mechanical equipment should be paid attention to maintenance and maintenance during our daily use, we can extend the service life of the equipment. The following is the daily maintenance of the straw crusher.
1. During the period of frequent processing, maintenance personnel should inspect the use of the equipment every day, and find that the abnormality is handled in time, and the disease should not be used.
2. Check for leaks during use and find leaks in a timely manner.
3. In the case of long-term non-use, maintenance should be carried out once a month to clean the waste oil from the main lubrication points. And the machine is protected from the cool dry place.
The lubrication of the straw crusher requires an appropriate amount of effort for the lubrication of the machine, which is an important part of ensuring normal operation. Of course, in the course of use, we must pay attention to the above maintenance items, in order to be used for a long time.

Hexie Machinery is the animal fodder silage cutter crop straw crusher supplier, AKZCJ-R6 silage grass chopper machine for small farmers saves 50% labor costs, welcome to consult the price.

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