Characteristics of Multi-Crop Paddy Wheat Rice Thresher 125


China is a big country in agricultural production. The harvested crops are not the same in the seasons. Therefore, every season of harvesting and threshing, different crops must be used for different crops. In order to reduce the cost of threshing, Hexie Machinery has developed a multi-crop thresher in order to reduce the cost of farmers and meet the needs of users–China Diesel Motor Multi-Crop Paddy Wheat Rice Thresher 125 equipment. The equipment can not only thresh rice and wheat, but also thresh corn and soybean crops, and use it in one machine, which brings great convenience and benefit to users.

Characteristics of Wheat Rice Thresher 125

1. Simple structure, reliable use, and simple operation.
2. The quality of the work is good, the various indicators have reached the relevant national standards.
3. Safe to use, easy to maintain, and occupy a small space.
4. The threshing disc is provided with a sub-blade and prolongs the service life of the threshing disc.
5. The diesel engine can be used as power and the threshing efficiency is high.
6. Wheat Rice Thresher 125 is highly adaptable, the machine can also thresh wet wheat, but also take off rice, corn and other crops, to achieve a multi-purpose machine.

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