Checkpoints of mounted peanut picker machine


Middle size electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker machine is a large-scale automated mechanical equipment. Its structure includes the lower carriage, the upper fruit picking bin, and the automatic arm. With the robotic arm driving the fruit bin to drop and rise, the peanut fruit was harvested intact. It can also remove the dirt attached to the fruit.

Peanut picking is a time-consuming and laborious task. Using middle size electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker machine, the hourly harvest rate is greatly improved, and peanuts are less damaged, which not only greatly reduces labor intensity, but also saves labor time and manpower. If the peanut harvester and the self-propelled peanut picker are combined, the peanut harvest rate will be greatly improved.

Middle size electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker machine is used to pick peanuts directly with vines after peanut harvest. It can be flexibly moved and used in the field. The fruit picking is clean, the husk fragmentation rate is low, and the loss is small. Both dry and wet stems can be used, and work efficiency High and clean threshing. It has the advantages of high picking rate, low crushing rate, clean cleaning, high work efficiency, reasonable structure of the whole machine, and convenient movement between sites.

Middle size electric motor or diesel engine mounted peanut picker machine mainly consists of frame, electric motor (diesel engine), transmission part, fruit picking and separation part, fan selection part, fan selection part, and vibration mechanism.

Checkpoints of mounted peanut picker machine

1. Milling machine, hydraulic cylinder, main motor base-measure the main dimensions of base bolt hole, reducer bottom plate connection bolt hole, grinding roller support frame connection bolt hole, base height, horn plate welding position, and other main dimensions, and check according to the drawing.
2. Grinding roller support frame, rocker device, hydraulic cylinder system-measure the size of the grinding roller support frame, and focus on controlling whether the height of the four support frames is the same. The self-propelled peanut picker checks the centerline connecting bolts of the roller shaft support The diameter of the hole meets the requirements of the drawing. Check the appearance of the rocker arm unit and the hydraulic cylinder system, and check the assembly size.
3. Ring groove, other parts of the airbox, and the structural part of the mill barrel-Check the number of ring grooves and other parts of the air box, and check the groove type of the barrel group joint. All inventory and inspection work should be checked according to the drawings.
4. Reducer, grinding disc, grinding roller-these devices are the key equipment for the formation of the grinder and the products meet the standards, mainly to check the appearance, check the hole distance of each joint, the quality of the positioning pin, and the interface of the lubricating oil pipe and the hydraulic oil pipe The inspection should be performed on the anti-friction pad on the disc surface and the anti-friction bush on the grinding surface. If any equipment is found to be defective, it should be reported to the owner in writing immediately.
5. Air seal, shutter valve, protection ring, and other devices-inventory equipment and structural parts, self-propelled peanut picker to check the quality of parts, pay attention to the arc of the protection ring, check the assembly of the three good habits of operating the joint picking peanut harvester size.
6. Powder sorting machine-check the appearance of the equipment and structural parts of the classifier such as the casing, vertical shaft, fan blade, internal deflector, etc., check the appearance and check the connection. At this position, the key dimensions of each part of the self-propelled peanut picker body are controlled to include the arc, straightness, horizontality, and verticality of the upper and lower flanges and the groove of the weld at each interface type checking.



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