Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker 400


Peanut Picker 400 power mode

The Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker 400 produced by Hexie Machinery can separate peanuts from the soil, which is easy to operate and has high production efficiency. The device supports two power modes of diesel or electric motor.
The power that is not supported by the power mode is different. Next gives you a brief introduction.
Motor-mounted peanut picking machine support power: 12 hp motor
Diesel-mounted peanut picking machine support power: 28 hp diesel engine or more
When you choose, you can choose the right power picking machine according to your needs.

Peanut Picker 400 working mode

The use of the peanut picking machine reduces the labor workload of the farmers’ friends, which saves labor, saves time and effort, and can be used both wet and dry. When the equipment is working, the peanuts carry the peanuts and are separated into the peanut picking machine by full feeding.
When using an Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Mounted Peanut Picker 400 device,Peanuts and peanut meal is automatically detached from the machine to separate them. The separated peanuts fall onto the vibrating screen, and the mixed leaves and weeds are simultaneously blown to the outside by the fan, and the remaining peanut meal are discharged from the discharge port, in the process,the peanut breakage rate is less than 2%, the processed peanuts are clean and complete, the processed peanuts are clean, and the rate of fruit breakage without peanuts, leaves, and branches is less than 2%. The peanut picking machine is simple and flexible to operate and is convenient and quick to use, and the breakage rate is low.

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