Excellent Quality Peanut Thresher/Groundnut Threshing Machine | AKTLJ-5 Peanut Thresher Machine

The technician of Hexie Machinery, a peanut thresher with dust removal sheller well-known manufacturers, developed a new threshing machine, AKTLJ-5 Peanut thresher machine.
The equipment can fully meet the user’s demand for peanut threshing, and the peanut threshing rate is high. If you want to know more about our equipment, you can log in to our official website to view. Or contact our customer service staff who will give you a detailed answer. You can also come to our manufacturer to visit the test machine.
Now Hexie Machinery excellent quality peanut thresher/groundnut threshing machine for sale, welcome everyone to come to the test machine.

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