Hot sale Walk-behind Corn harvester use with 18-36HP tractor


Hexie Machinery hot sale walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester machine is very simple in construction. Compared with other corn harvesters, its characteristics are very prominent. The failure rate is very low and the stability is very strong. It is widely used by users.
Our walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester can directly installed on a single-cylinder small four-wheel tractor with 18-36 horsepower. It is easy to operate and flexible. When the farm is busy, it is installed on the tractor to harvest the corn. When it is idle, tear down the tractor, and tractor can use normally. The corn harvester can complete the work of harvesting, picking the ear, molting, smashing and returning the field at one time, and adding a straw and other work as needed, which is the ideal equipment for corn harvesting.

Key Technologies of Corn Harvester

Walk-behind tractor mounted mini corn combine harvester uses the following key technologies based on the advantages of compact, flexible and flexible original organic type.
1. Adopt adjustable row spacing picking table, the line spacing adjustment range is 55-70cm;
2. Adopt high productivity automatic peeling device;
3. Adopt independent contour-shaped reinforced straw crushing device;
4. Adopt automatic monitoring device. It can monitor oil pressure, water temperature and multiple turning point speeds at the same time;
5. Using the principle of ergonomics, a new design of the steering console control system. Emphasizing driving comfort, new design, beautiful and applicable;
6. Adopting the stepless speed change device produced by professional manufacturers, the whole machine transmission and structural optimization design.
The corn harvester completes the whole process of picking the ear, removing the leaves of the ear, collecting the loading of the ear, and smashing the straw.

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