The installation method and precautions of Rotary tiller blade


The installation method and precautions OF Rotary tiller blade

If the rotary tiller blade is not installed correctly, it will not only affect the quality of the work but also affect the service life of the machine. There are generally three methods for its installation.

1. Install it outwards. Except for the two knives at the two ends of the arbor, the other blades are facing outwards. And there are grooves in the middle of the plowing, which is suitable for demolition and tillage.
2. Install inside. All the blades are bent in the middle, and the ridges are formed in the middle after the plowing. And the grooves appear between the two adjacent strokes. Suitable for farming.
3. Mixed installation. The left and right scimitars are mounted symmetrically on the arbor, but the blades at both ends of the arbor are bent inward. After the plowing, the surface is flat, which is the most commonly used installation method.

Installation precautions OF Rotary tiller blade

1. There is no special requirement for the installation of chisel-shaped knives. For straight-hook chisel-shaped knives, the ability to enter the soil is strong, the performance of throwing soil is poor. And is easy to block the grass, suitable for soil with fewer weeds and knots.
2. Its installation is generally arranged evenly on the knives according to the spiral line and fixed on the knives with screws.
3. For the blade head bending, the outer arc has a long edge of the left and right machete. Cutting ability, suitable for water, dryland farming, a wide range of applications.


Rotary tiller

How to repair rotary tiller?

(1) Supervise the maintenance market and improve the quality of maintenance personnel. The agricultural machinery management department shall carry out standard supervision work on the agricultural machinery maintenance industry in the region. And urge its reserve, sales, and use of good quality parts and components to carry out agricultural machinery maintenance operations. Resolutely put an end to the use of defective products to repair agricultural machinery, and organize agricultural machinery. Maintenance personnel regularly participate in the theoretical knowledge and practical ability training of the system to improve the technical ability of maintenance personnel and avoid the possibility of larger failures caused by improper maintenance.

(2) Choose a reasonable repair method for parts. Except for the parts that need to replace, the rest of the parts can repair by maintenance. At present, maintenance technology is roughly divided into two types. One is surface repair technology, which increases the surface size of parts by electroplating, spraying, oxidation treatment, etc., so that the parts have good mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and extend the machinery. The service life. The second is the part cleaning technology, which is to remove the rust stains, paints and other debris on the surface of the parts in a reasonable way so that the parts can restore the working relationship before the pollution or facilitate the next maintenance.

(3) Detection technology to improve part damage. At this stage, the parts testing of agricultural machinery in China is still at a lower stage of technology, often relying on observation and experience to complete the diagnosis process, but due to the continuous improvement of maintenance technical requirements, the grassroots maintenance organization can try to purchase infrared point thermometer, fiber optic endoscope. Wait for new technology to detect products and assist in diagnosing damage to parts. For some parts that are expensive or critical, you can choose to perform non-destructive testing at a professional service facility to avoid damage to critical components.

(4) Pay attention to the maintenance of agricultural machinery and extend the service life of agricultural machinery. Although the use of agricultural machinery in the degraded period, the use of maintenance continues to be of little significance, through proper maintenance, it can greatly extend the life of the agricultural machinery and delay the arrival of the degeneration period. Therefore, the majority of agricultural machinery users should pay attention to the use and maintenance training given by the manufacturers at the time of purchase, so as to correctly use and regularly maintain the agricultural machinery, which not only can extend the service life of the agricultural machinery, but also reduce the probability of occurrence of agricultural machinery failure and ensure the long-term effectiveness of agricultural machinery. Run smoothly.

Rotary Machine

A rotary tiller is a machine that works with the tractor. According to the supporting power, it is divided into two types: the supporting tractor (hereinafter referred to as hand trailer) supporting rotary tiller and wheel tractor (hereinafter referred to as wheel towing) supporting rotary tiller. Compared with plowing and tilling, rotary tilling has the advantages of good soil breaking performance, wide adaptability and high working efficiency.


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