Inspection of corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller


Everyone knows that the traditional corn harvesting method is not only time-consuming and laborious but also that if we do not protect our bodies, it is easy to cause scratches. The birth of Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller changed this situation, making corn harvesting no longer a burden, and the operation is simple, and the harvesting is convenient and quick.

Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller is an agricultural tool that uses machinery to complete the harvesting of corn stalks according to agronomic requirements when the corn is mature or close to maturity. It is a new type of agricultural machinery researched and developed for the development of new energy sources and reducing the labor intensity of farmers’ friends. It is low-cost agricultural machinery that is suitable for the popularization of small four-wheelers in rural areas and can harvest corn stalks. It shortens the labor cycle of farmers’ friends and frees people from heavy physical labor.

Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller, which integrates harvesting straw, chopped feed, and peeling corn ears. The truck is equipped with a corn ear box and a forage box and adopts a hydraulic loading and unloading mechanism with a high loading and unloading height, which is convenient for vehicle loading. It comes with a spraying device, and it can also follow the car. This machine has the advantages of low stubble, good chopped feed, clean corn ears, and a high degree of automation. The product technology is at the leading domestic level. The product is convenient for driving, harvesting, loading, and unloading feed, and convenient for manipulation, adjustment, maintenance, and repair, which can fully meet the corn harvesting needs of domestic users.

Inspection of corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller

The multi-functional corn thresher manufacturer tells you that when agricultural machinery is working, regular inspections must be carried out to make the machine run better and prevent problems. Better homework. For new farmers, inspections from the following aspects are inevitable.

One, the choice of speed
The speed of Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller should not be too fast. It should be used according to the speed specified in the instruction manual, and the speed cannot be increased arbitrarily. Generally, it is 28-32 m/s for wheat removal, 24-26 m/s for Indian rice, and 26-30 m/s for japonica rice. If the rotation speed is too high, not only will it not take off quickly, but it will also cause serious crushing of the grain, shorten the service life of the machine, and increase the unsafe factors. It is necessary to install a matching electric motor or diesel engine according to the requirements or the signs on the machine, and be equipped with a suitable pulley, and be careful not to install it in the opposite direction. The fan rotating pulley can not be installed reversely, otherwise, it will affect the cleanliness of the grain.

Two, correct operation
Multi-function corn-soybean broomcorn grain thresher/sheller should be fed continuously and evenly during threshing. Excessive feeding will cause excessive load on the drum, lower speed, lower removal rate, and productivity, and more grain entrained by the stalk. , The quality of threshing is reduced, and it may cause blockage and machine damage in severe cases. Feeding volume is too small, the productivity is low, and sometimes it will affect the removal rate. The indicators of clean stripping, quick stripping, less breakage, and low energy consumption are actually mutually restrictive. If it is to be cleaned well, the crushing rate will increase, the productivity will also decrease, and the energy consumption will increase.

1. The output of the thresher is very high, so you must pay attention to maintenance during use, and the bearings must be oiled once a day.
2. The thresher is a field operation. After working every day, the dust must be cleaned up, especially near the bearing and the motor, and the dust must not be buried to avoid burning the motor.
3. During the use of the thresher, it is strictly forbidden to prevent the mixing of bricks and stones, otherwise, the drum and the hopper of the elevator may be broken.

The above are the inspection methods. Do a good job of inspection to prevent problems before they occur. It is a must for new agricultural machinery operators to learn, and to be able to use them in a timely manner so that they can be used in a lively manner.

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