Knapsack corn thresher


Introduce of Knapsack corn thresher

The tractor-suspended knapsack corn thresher produced by our company. It is a kind of machine that automatically transports corn into the rear thresher through the front shovel and the trough in the self-propelled state of the tractor for threshing. The machine has less manpower, small labor, high work efficiency. Double suction dust, double roller, double chain, double angle belt, vibrating screen. Auger bag, faster and cleaner than ordinary thresher, suitable for different Venue.

The main features of the Knapsack corn thresher

1. The knapsack corn thresher part of the machine adopts the rubber dragon drum threshing to make the machine have high output. The threshing clean corn core is not broken, and the threshing machine pulls more easily.

2. The machine uses a centrifugal fan to suck the dust and other impurities in the corn grain into the self-made pocket. So that the work site does not explode.

3. The machine uses a double-layer vibrating screen to make the corn kernel clean and free of impurities.

4. The conveyor belt of the machine is transported directly to the car or pocket, saving labor and effort.

5. The machine also performs a screening treatment on the corn cob to make the corn cob free of impurities.

6. The knapsack corn thresher machine is equipped with automatic side loading function. Which is directly fed into the feeding port from below, which is more labor-saving than ordinary thresher.

7. Production: 5-8 tons/hour automatic feeding corn thresher.

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