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Pastoral Management Ditch Fertilization Rotary Tillage And Fertilizer Machine

Ditching, fertilizing, rotary tillage, weeding multifunction machine, Garden Management Equipment with Ridge / Ditch / Backfilling /Fertilizer / Rotary Tiller. This machine could applicability: for a variety of mountains, hills, plains, greenhouses, orchards, and narrow work, Suitable for all kinds of soil: soil and hard soil, clay, black land, mountain, soft soil can be used. Multi-tracked ditching and fertilizing machine can realize large machinery cannot enter the orchard, small land, greenhouse, tea garden, hill and mountain areas of different topography and soil for the industry.

Ditching, fertilizing, rotary tillage, weeding multifunction machine is equipped with different accessories, which can be used for individual rotary tillage, backfilling, ditching, fertilizing, and mixing. The product is durable, superior in performance and easy to operate.

The advantage of Pastoral management ditch fertilization rotary tillage and fertilizer machine

The self-propelled multi-functional fertilizer applicator is suitable for ridge operation in dry field crops. It is the first choice for farmers’ friends to realize agricultural mechanization. The gearbox produced by the regular enterprise is selected, and the high-quality gasoline engine is used as the supporting power. Easy to start, light and durable. The overall board design, one-shot molding, is sturdy and durable.

Garden Management Equipment with Ridge / Ditch / Backfilling /Fertilizer / Rotary Tiller is durable, the body is thickened, the workmanship is precise, and the crawler type walks, and the 360-degree steering can be performed in situ. The knives are thickened with 75 thick steel forging, very wear-resistant and durable, and work efficiently.

Self-propelled multi-functional fertilizer application range

This machine is mainly used for agricultural greenhouses and farmland rotary tillage, land reclamation, loose soil, ditching, soil cultivation, ridges and so on. Relying on trenching operations, mixing topsoil and deep soil, improving soil and increasing ground power.

The self-propelled multi-functional fertilizer applicator mainly operates small plots such as greenhouse operations, vegetable plots, flower fields, orchards, paddy fields, hillsides, etc., and should not be used for building mixing and soil mixing.

Self-propelled multi-functional fertilizer application technical parameters

Brand in transit

Custom processing: Yes

Type crawler ditch

Power type diesel

Field of application forestry, agriculture

Ditch depth 200-350 cm

Fertilization depth 200-300 cm

Tillage width 900 (mm)

Plowing depth 350 (mm)

Weight 650 (kg)

Dimensions, length, width, and height 2490*1000*750mm

Ditch width 300mm

Supporting power 28 horsepower diesel engine

Working speed 300-1200 m / h


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