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Multi-Function Corn Soybean Broomcorn Grain Thresher/Sheller

Hexie Professional production Multi-Functional Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, Grain Thresher/Sheller, multi-functional grain thresher/sheller, Cheap Factory Price Diesel Engine/Motor Driven Corn Sheller, China hot sale Multifunctional grain thresher/sheller. Hexie, not only production but also Export Multi-Functional Corn Soybean Grain Thresher/Sheller. Multi-functional grain thresher/sheller, for this model, corn shelling machine is used for shelling the corn seed from the corn cob. This is a multifunctional machine can deal with different materials, like the sorghum, the millet, the soybeans and also for corn. The machine can be driven by an electric motor or gasoline engine or electric motor, suitable for different customer’s needs. China hot sale Multifunctional grain thresher/sheller and this model machine are designed with a large capacity so that no matter for farmer use or for the station use, both can be a good choice. Also for the dry corn, this machine also can peel the dry out skin and then thresh the corn seed from the corn cob. If you need it, you can come to consult Multi-functional grain thresher/sheller purchase price.

Multi-Functional Corn, Sorghum, Soybean, Grain Thresher/Sheller, this new model corn thresher is developed by our technology, which is used to thresh corn grains from the dry corn cob. It is with the characteristics of the reasonable structure, easy operation, adjustment, and maintenance, it is also with high efficiency (more than 2000kg/hour), labor-saving, high yield as well as reliable quality. You can use the adjusting bar to adjust for different size corn cob. This machine is widely used in the small farm, small feed producing company, livestock breeding, farm factory, etc.

Export Multi-Functional Corn Soybean Grain Thresher/Sheller, it can remove the skin of corn and make the maize removed from the cob, the machine can peel the skin of corn and thresh the corn at the same time or in separate, according to the client’s requirement. This kind of corn peeler thresher machine has high production capacity with low energy consumption. The corn Sheller and thresher machine is the mode of combination one type to peel skin clear and save labors. Threshing parts adopt hammer rollers which have fast speed and low breaking rate. If you don’t want such a combination type machine we also have separated corn threshing machine and corn peeling machine for your choice. You can also come to consult Multi-functional grain thresher/sheller purchase price.

Structure of Multi-Function Corn Soybean Broomcorn Grain Thresher/Sheller

1. The Tractor Mounted Large Corn Thresher Machine Maize Sheller/Thresher machine is consist of a feeding device, an up cover, a rotor assembly, a lower cover, a frame, two discharge port, a motor mounting frame, and a belt safety protection cover. The corn threshing machine with a compact structure and can clearly.

2. Users can choose different models according to their needs. The machine can be used with motors or small gasoline engine. Users can choose on demand.

3. The whole machine is made of the full steel body, the body of the threshing machine adopts the paint baking process. The machine is bright in color and good in durability than the conventional painting It is not easy to corrode and rust.

Main Features

1.Advanced technology, reliable quality, and professional service

2.Equipped the front part with the wheel, easy to move

3. It is widely used for threshing of corn/maize.

4. It liberates farmers from heavy manual work.

5. Small volume, compact structure, lightweight, easy to install and operate. The structure is simple, with stable and reliable performance. It can separate the corn from the corn body, throw the corn at the same time with high capacity

6.Easy operation, low power consumption

7. The thresher can separate the corn from the corn body without breaking the corn cob, low broken rate, high capacity, improve your work efficiency and save your labor cost. High efficiency and keep the corncob integrity. The threshing ratio reaches 99% and 1% losing.

8.The threshing roller run by the motor with a belt. Because of a small motor, the corn Sheller thresher machine saves energy and farmers labor greatly. When corn goes into the machine, it forms the relatively rolling with the threshing roller. Under the friction with the grilled cylinder, the corn is threshed. It does not need to change motors, can be driven by electric or diesel engine motor.

Main Parameters

Items Unit Specification Remark
Dimension m 1.1*1.1*1.1
Total weight kg 80
Voltage V 220
Rated power kw 3
Production Capacity T/H 2-4 T/ H
Threshing rate ≥99%
Crashed rate ≤1%
Productivity Kg/h 2500-4000 (corn) Soybean: 800-1000kg/h

Grain: 700-900kg/h

Broomcorn: 800-1000kg/h

Net Thresher rate: 99%

Damage rate: ≤1%

Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per week

Lead time: 48hours after receive deposit for the harvester

Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin

Package: The normal package is wooden box packing or Iron frame packing, if export to European countries, the wooden box will be fumigated. If the container is too tight, we will arrange according to customers special request

Delivery Detail: By sea or by air

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