Operation considerations of multi-function reaper binder


Tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder is suspended behind a 9-12 horsepower walking tractor and uses the walking tractor as traction power. It mainly harvests underground rhizome crops such as potatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, which are planted with this machine and intercropped. It has the characteristics of high harvesting efficiency, good performance, peeling rate, simple structure, convenient operation, and maintenance, etc.

The main structure and working principle of multi-function reaper binder

The main structure of the tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder consists of a large frame, the main shaft combination, a front, and rear driveshaft combination, a clutch, a separation chain, a shovel, a vibrating screen, and other components.

Tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder is suspended at the rear of the walking tractor. It is transmitted to the transmission shaft of the machine through the sprocket and chain installed at the right end of the input shaft of the transmission of the walking tractor. The eccentric block and connecting rod on the main transmission shaft drive the excavating shovel back and forth. In reciprocating motion, the gear at the left end of the drive shaft drives the transmission gear on the bridge shaft and changes the transmission direction. Then the main drive shaft is driven by the chain to separate the chain, and the eccentric blocks at both ends of the main drive shaft drive the vibrating screen to shake up and down. Under the traction of a walking tractor, the potatoes (garlic, sweet potatoes, etc.) excavated by the digging shovel are laid on the separation chain, and the soil falls under the separation chain under the rotation of the separation chain. The potatoes (garlic, sweet potatoes, etc.) ) And the unfalling soil blocks fall on the vibrating screen on the separation chain and they are cleaned and separated and laid on the ground behind the machine. Tractor mounted multi-function reaper binder is specially designed for harvesting potatoes. At the same time, it can also be a multi-purpose harvester for harvesting sweet potato, peanut, carrot, ginger, and other stem crops. The harvester can complete the processes of filming, excavation, soil crushing, separation, cleaning, and auxiliary released at one time. According to the design, the harvester is composed of a frame, a power transmission mechanism, a soil cutting mechanism, a soil crushing mechanism, a conveying and separating mechanism, an excavating mechanism, a suspension mechanism, a ground wheel support mechanism, a scraper, a sprocket cover, and a dust seal. Most of the components have the advantages of neat and beautiful appearance, compact structure, reasonable layout, low operating noise, high operating efficiency, low loss, and close integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy.

Operation considerations of multi-function reaper binder

1. Clutch
When the locomotive starts, loosen the clutch pedal slowly. If the clutch is lifted sharply at the start, it will cause an impact on the clutch assembly and transmission parts or even damage. You should not hold the clutch handle for a long time and drive on uneven roads. The clutch is in a semi-combined state, which affects the power transmission of the engine and increases the wear of the clutch friction plate.

2. Air filter
In order to enhance the filtering effect of the small tractor, the operator often uses silk cloth to cover the air filter, that is, cover the air filter with a layer of silk cloth. It is believed that the air will be cleaner in this way, but the power of the small tractor is reduced. Black smoke. The reason is that silk cloth prevents air from entering the cylinder smoothly, making the cylinder insufficiently charged and incomplete combustion. Therefore, this method is not advisable.

3. Steering wheel
In order for the locomotive to steer in place, some drivers are accustomed to using the method of holding the steering gear when stationary, which violates the operating regulations and easily damages the components of the steering mechanism.

4. Throttle
Never bang the throttle after starting and before stopping. The compression ratio of diesel vehicles is greater than that of gasoline vehicles. Sudden increase or decrease of the throttle can easily cause the connecting rod and crankshaft to deform or break, increase the carbon deposit on the cylinder piston, and accelerate the wear of moving parts. The throttle is used instead of the horn. When some drivers encounter pedestrians, instead of honking their horns and slowing down, they use the method of booming the throttle to make the pedestrians give way. This will cause the engine to emit dense smoke, pollute the environment, and suddenly increase the speed to increase mechanical wear. It is easy to cause traffic accidents.

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