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Rear Shaft of Tractor Or Electric Motor Mounted Peanut Picker Machine 8000 And 6000

Hexie the professional China Peanut Picker Machine 8000/6000 manufacturer, providing High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000, Tractor Mounted Large Capacity Peanut Harvester Peanut Picker 8000/6000, Tractor wheels dry and wet peanut picker with the conveyor belt.The Tractor Mounted Large Capacity Peanut Harvester Peanut Picker 8000/6000 is suitable for the separation of capsules from the excavated peanuts. After picking the fruit, the peanut fruit is clean and free of impurities and can be directly bagged automatically. Supporting 15-18kw motor. Driven by the rear output shaft, have wheels, be moveable. The machine Driven by rear shaft of tractor or Electric Motor Peanut picker machine, is easy to operate and reliable. The harvested fruit is clean, the efficiency is high, the crushing is small, the power matching is small, the dry and wet stems are all available, and it can work with the tractor or the motor. When the diesel engine is used, the rotation speed of the machine can be controlled to reduce the breaking rate.

Introduction of High-Efficiency Peanut Picker machine 8000/6000

Tractor Mounted Large Capacity Peanut Harvester/Peanut Picker 8000/6000, the peanut picker is new fan and cleaning pipe to remove contaminants and soil crushing is picking clean, pick the net rate is high, the breakage rate is low, the cleaning clean, high efficiency, reasonable structure, automatic bagging machine/loading, free line advantages go, mobile convenience in the fields.

Tractor Mounted Method

Mainly through the small tractor fitting, the harvested peanut stalks are directly carried into the peanut picking machine by the full feeding type, and the peanuts and stem are automatically separated and separated by the rotation of the machine. The separated peanuts fall onto the vibrating screen and are transported to the side of the fuselage to enter the feeding port, and then automatically loaded into the bag, in which the mixed leaves and weeds are simultaneously blown to the outside by the fan, and the remaining crucibles are discharged from the discharge port. Discharge, in this process, the peanut breakage rate is less than 1%, the processed peanuts are clean and complete, the processed peanuts are clean, and the rate of fruit breakage without peanuts, leaves, and branches is less than 1%. The set of products is simple and flexible to operate, easy to use, and has a low breakage rate. It is excellent in reducing the labor workload of farmers’ friends, that is, saving labor, saving time and effort, and high work efficiency.

Before the operation of the peanut picker, the operator should carry out a comprehensive inspection on the fruit picker to see if the fruit picker is in good condition, whether the connecting bolts of each component are tight, whether the pulleys are installed firmly, and whether the pulleys are rotated by hand to collide with the friction phenomenon. Whether there are open welding or missing teeth in some hobbling; turn the hob shaft by hand to observe whether the rotation is stable; check whether the triangular belt tension of each transmission part is reasonable; check whether the diesel engine is running well; check whether the motor is running normally, power supply There is no leakage in the line. The peanut picker is characterized by high efficiency and labor saving. After power-on, Driven by rear shaft of tractor or Electric Motor Peanut picker machine, it can realize self-propelled before and after, no manual feeding, and reduce labor intensity. After years of trials, the technology is mature and the performance is reliable. It has been put on the market for several years and has been well received by users. Now Hexie Peanut Picker Machine for sale, welcome to come to consult.

Application of Driven by rear shaft of tractor or Electric Motor Peanut picker machine

Hexie as a China Peanut Picker Machine 8000/6000 manufacturer, has many types of peanut fruit picking machine, 5NY100 type (semi-automatic), type 5NY200 (automatic), 5NY500 type, 5NY1000 type, 5NY7000 type, 5NY8000 type and other types of peanut fruit picking machine, peanut picking rate high, less damage, is the majority of farmers to choose the best friend! Now Hexie Peanut Picker Machine for sale, if you need it, you can come to consult.
Model: NY8000/NY6000

The scope of application: wet and dry peanut picking machine

Operating efficiency (mu / h): 5-8 (about 1000kg)

Matching form: Traction type

Spindle speed: 600-700r/min

Cleavage rate: 99%

Shell rate: 1%

Structure quality (kg): 620

Dimensions (mm): 6500×1600×1800

Supporting power (horsepower): 28-horsepower diesel engine or more

Power output form: universal joint drive or diesel engine

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

1.Strong exporting standard packages.

2. Cartons/Plywood cases/Wooden cases/ Iron frame packing.

3.as your requirements.

Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin

Delivery Detail: By sea or by air

Lead Time: Within 15 days after the first payment

Transmission form: gearbox and belt drive

Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per Month

Main Features

The rear shaft of Tractor or Electric Motor Mounted Peanut Picker Machine 8000 and 6000 has the advantages of high net removal rate, low broken rate, clean cleaning, high work efficiency, reasonable structure and convenient movement between the sites.

1. Dry and wet dual-purpose peanut picking machine is suitable for the excavation of the peanut fruit separation. Is the ideal choice for fresh fruit picking.

2. Picking flowers after sorting clean without miscellaneous fruit dried directly after bagging storage.

3.Easy to operate, reliable performance, fruit picking clean, high efficiency, less broken, small power matching.

4. The machine is connected with the tractor through the universal joint fixed and mobile operation.

5. The machine used to increase the drum, thick material, the performance is more stable, continuous working ability.

6. The machine adopts the enlarging roller and the thickening material, the performance is more stable, the continuous working ability is stronger, and the parts and components are coordinated.


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