Precautions for use of silage baler packing machine


The full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine is a positive tractor-driven baler packing machine. This machine can complete the picking and bundling of wheat straw, pasture, rice straw, corn stalks, and other crop straws under the tractor. According to the different needs of storage and transportation, the appropriate length and density of the bale can be adjusted. The traction type is positive traction, and the supporting power is a wheeled tractor with more than 50 horsepower.

Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine is the only equipment in China that can reliably bund corn stalks after kneading by the kneading machine. This product has been carefully designed by technicians. The whole machine has an aluminum alloy pressure roller and an increase in the feed inlet. The pressing rollers rotate at the same time so that the materials can enter the bundling chamber evenly and quickly. It has the advantages of fast bundling speed, no blockage of materials, and high density. It is more suitable for narrow roads and small plots and irregular plots. It is ideal equipment for forage collection and straw fuel collection and bundling.

Features of full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine

1. Adopting German reinforced knotter, stable performance, uniform and regular shape of bales, long service life, and the bundle rate reaches more than 99%; service life is twice as long as the imported light knotter (original 500,000 times, now 1 million times or more).
2. Low-flat spring-tooth roller picker, with large feed volume, high operating efficiency, clean picking, and low loss rate.
3. Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine multi-part safety protection device design, the machine runs more safely, and users can use it more assured.

Precautions for use of silage baler packing machine

1. Before using this machine, please read the product manual first, and use this machine only after understanding the operation method and precautions of this machine.
2. The operator must understand the nameplate with symbols on the product, refueling, and other precautions, and then operate the machine according to the regulations.
3. Before testing the machine, check whether each part is firm and reliable, and add enough lubricating oil before powering on the machine.
4. Before testing the machine, pull the clutch handle first to check the direction of motor rotation and whether it meets the requirements. It is strictly forbidden to reverse the motor.
5. Full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine before each work, run it empty for 2~3 minutes, confirm that the machine rotates smoothly and there are no other abnormalities before testing the machine.
6. After the trial run of 3~5 bundles, the machine should be shut down to check whether there are other abnormalities in the rotating parts and fixed parts; if there is no abnormal phenomenon, it can be put into production.
7. If the machine uses a motor as power, a grounding wire should be installed at the ground marked on the machine.
8. It is strictly forbidden to operate this machine after drinking.
9. The machine should be maintained after the normal production of 2000 bundles. Re-use, still operate according to 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 regulations.
10. It is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating parts by hand when using the machine.
11. In use, the wheels and fixed supports should be locked firmly.
12. If there is an overload and blocking phenomenon during operation, immediately pull the clutch hand plate to make the clutch in a disengaged state, and then release and start the machine. If the machine fails to start twice, the warehouse should be opened immediately. Otherwise, the machine parts and motor will be seriously damaged.
13. Every half an hour of work, the small silt under the feed roller of the straw silage baler should be removed to reduce the resistance caused by this. At the same time, the wear of the lower aluminum roller is reduced.

Maintenance and inspection content of silage baler packing machine

1. Check the meshing of the chain and sprocket, and replace those with severe wear.
2. Check the axial and radial clearance of each shaft of the full/semi-automatic silage baler packing machine, adjust or replace it.
3. Whether each oil circuit is unblocked.
4. Remove all protective covers and remove obstructions.
5. Fill each rotating part with lubricating oil, and apply oil to the rest to prevent rust.

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