Product Features Of Tractor Mounted Variety Vegetable seed Grain Planting Machine


At present, the cultivation of vegetable grain has become a relatively large planting in our country. Under the influence of grain cultivation, the emergence of tractor mounted variety vegetable seed grain planting machine is an inevitable historical trend. Seed grain planting machine frees people’s hands, allows people more time to invest in more production. Expands the planting area of ​​grain, and increases the planting equipment. Which will inevitably increase the introduction of planting equipment. The common prosperity of agriculture and machinery.

The cultivation of agriculture will inevitably increase the use of all aspects. We will not only increase the use of the vegetable seed planting machine but also require mechanization in other fields in the next year. Which will improve the overall modernization level of our agriculture and enhance our international status. In the production of machinery, a large number of scientific and technical personnel will be invested in research and development. Which will increase the use of machinery, increase the technical content, and make our machinery more modern.

Product Features OF Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine

1) Ditching, sowing, covering soil and suppressing once completed.
2) Self-powered seed drill, suitable for large-area operations.
3) Small particle seed and various vegetable seed planters.
4) Easy to operate and smart to turn.
5) Special material to make the seeding wheel accurately drop and drop rate.
6) The rubber tires are arranged on both sides to facilitate the movement of the seeding machine when it is not working.

Maintenance work of Vegetable Seed Grain Planting Machine

Vegetable seed grain planting machine after the completion of the excavation, soil removal, transportation, finishing, etc. During construction, it is necessary to pay attention to the lubrication of the components after use. To strengthen the maintenance of the equipment and avoid the equipment use damage.

1. The equipment should disassemble and clean the day before the equipment is working. And the bearing parts should lubricate during the cleaning process to ensure the normal operation of the bearings.

2. When laying down the ground, care should take to ensure that there are no large stones, obvious stones, etc. In the heavens and earth, to ensure that the equipment will not cause damage to the gears and blades due to the stones.

3. The planter should pay attention to the grease wheel with each wheel and butter every 200 hours. Be careful when adding butter to the new butter.

4. After the seed drill has clean of dust after use, the surface should lubricate and place in a dry environment.

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