Purchase Tips Of Knapsack Corn Automatic 2 rows Corn Harvester


Advantage OF Knapsack Corn Automatic 2 rows Corn Harvester

In order to improve the mechanization process of the corn harvest and reduce the broken grains of grain. Henan Hexie Machinery has developed knapsack corn automatic corn harvester combine maize harvester suitable for China’s harvesting characteristics. The machine has a fast traveling speed, can effectively avoid rolling farmland, and has high working efficiency. The corn harvester equipment is the first choice for harvesting corn.

1. The corn harvester adopts advanced engine control system with strong power and stable and safe operation.
2. The harvesting header and the straw harvesting header can independently adjust according to the height of the cutting head and the height of the cutting. To meet the needs of different heights of the cutting, planting mode and operation of the corn variety.
3. After picking the ear, the corn plant directly enters the straw harvesting header to realize the chopping of the straw under the erect state. Avoiding secondary pollution and impurity incorporation, and ensuring the quality of the straw.
4. Farm use machinery factory price tractor mounted combine corn harvester adopts reciprocating cutter. Agitation gathering and double-feeding wheel combined feeding structure, and the cutting length is adjustable.
5. The corn harvesting machine can complete corn picking, peeling, container harvesting. And straw harvesting at one time and a multi-purpose machine is a good helper around you.
6. Using the vertical layout, the peeled ears can directly transport to the granary. The elongated rubber stripping roller is arranged, the peeling rate is high, and the grain breakage is less.

Purchase Tips Of  2 rows Corn Harvester

1. When purchasing a corn harvester, you must first consider your own economic strength. The corn harvester in the domestic market has two types: self-propelled and piggyback. The self-propelled type has many behaviors, the model is large, the price is expensive, the investment recovery period is long. But the degree of specialization is high, and the operation effect is good. The low price makes it possible to make full use of the existing tractors. And the one-time investment is relatively small, but the handling and specialization are not as good as the self-propelled. Therefore, when purchasing, if you work in an area with a relatively developed economy and large planting scale. You should give priority to the self-propelled harvester. If you work in an economically underdeveloped or small-scale area. Or if you already have a tractor, you should consider buying knapsack corn automatic corn harvester combine maize harvester first.

2. Select corn harvesters with different functions and uses as needed. The existing corn harvesters are equipped with straw smashing and returning machine. That is while picking up the corn, the corn stalks are smashed and thrown in the ground to realize straw returning. However, due to the development of animal husbandry, corn stalks as a feed, the demand is also increasing. Farmers in many areas require that when harvesting corn ears, keep the straw or recycle the crushed straw for the breeding industry.

3. Pay attention to the after-sales service of the product. Products must require to have good after-sales service. Including the “three guarantees” maintenance personnel should able to rush to the job site in time and have sufficient spare parts supply.

4. Due to the variety of corn planting patterns in various parts of China, there are flat cropping, ridge cropping, intercropping, etc.. And the row spacing is very different, 30-80CM. The irregularity of row spacing restricts the development of corn harvester and does not harvest corn. The machine should the user’s preferred model. The corn harvester is not suitable for various row spacings and does not need to manually open the auxiliary cutting lanes. It can enter the work from different positions in the field, and the working efficiency is high. Which is very suitable for the operator to carry out the cross-regional machine.

5. If you are planning to purchase the knapsack corn automatic 2 rows corn harvester. Consider the power matching, and choose the model that matches the existing tractor power. For example, 37 300 watts or 41 030 watts of tractors are selected for 2 rows of corn harvesters. 44 760 to 59 680 watts of tractors are available for 3 rows of corn harvesters.

6. It is best to choose a corn harvester that has passed the technical appraisal and obtained the agricultural machinery promotion license. Such products are mature in technology, quality is guaranteed, and the safety factor is also very high.

The quality and performance of corn harvesters not only affect its efficiency but also directly purchase with the immediate interests of users. Only high-quality and good quality corn harvesters can create rich profits for users.
Hexie Machinery is a professional China knapsack corn automatic corn harvester manufacturer, which produces a variety of agricultural equipment and various types of corn harvesters. Users are welcome to consult the price of the equipment.

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