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Diesel or Electric Belt Medium-size Rice and Wheat/Corn Threshing Machine

Hexie as a Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher supplier, production has High-Efficiency Electric or Diesel Engine Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher90, hot selling wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean sheller 75, Electric Diesel Engine Rice Bean Maize Small Threshing Machine90. After years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery, Hexie has developed lots of excellent agricultural products that enjoy great popularity. China Rice and Wheat Soybean Thresher are one of our products with mature technology. Welcome to make your purchase.China Rice and Wheat Soybean Thresher AKTLJ series motorized thresher is mainly used for threshing wheat, rice, soybean, and corn. The products are AKTLJ-30, AKTLJ-40, AKTLJ-45, AKTLJ-75, AKTLJ-90, AKTLJ-125 and many other specifications.The series of motorized threshers are driven by 380V voltage, 50HZ, 4.8KW-13KW electric motor or 12-30 hip diesel engine. Among them, the AKTLJ-75 motorized thresher uses a two-pole 7.5KW motor or 12 hip diesel engine as its power. The utility model has the advantages of low broken rate, high net removal rate, and a low loss rate, and the utility model can be removed once without removing. Welcomed by the majority of users. Wheat, millet, rice, soybeans, sorghum can be taken off. And won the national production license and provincial promotion certificate.

Electric Diesel Engine Rice Bean Maize Small Threshing Machine90, this type of small volume, light quality, electrical power consumption, convenient operation, beautiful shape, affordable, reliable quarter machine is multifunction machine, this machine is mainly used for threshing of crops such as wheat, corn, soybean, mung beans, red beans, rape, peas, barley, rice, sorghum, millet, and other crops and It can collect the paddy seed together. Liberates farmers from the heavy manual work. It has simple structure, safe reliable (High Security: The motor control is equipped with over current, overload and short circuit protection.) and high efficiency. The machine is specialized in the research and development of Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher supplier, can work well for you.

The machine has a different type: electric type, gasoline type, diesel type. The customer can according to own condition to choose the machine. It is very popular in the world market and the price is also very competitive. Featured by its high production rate, good threshing performance and few loss of grain etc. It is widely used in wheat, rice fields, hills, hills, and other wheat-producing areas, and is well received by users. It is a good helper with farmers.

The main structure

Hopper, drum, screen, shelf composition. Drum, cover, main fan, motor (or diesel), vibrating screen, traction-driven device. The whole machine includes a tight structure, every part is qualified, and using advanced Technology.

Working principle

Hot selling wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean sheller during work, the crops are fed continuously and evenly. The crop has the friction between the rack and the screen assembly on the drum. Squeeze. Collision. Jitter separates the grain from the stem from the falling rod. The screen flows out. The stem has a roller. Throw out by centrifugation. Complete threshing.

High Efficiency: High-Efficiency Electric or Diesel Engine Rice and Wheat Corn Thresher90, this thresher has combined working with separate winnowing so that the grain, wheat bran, the wheat straw would be separated and cleared at one time. It can thresh various crops in high efficiency, separate husks and remove dust from the product mixture.

Cost-saving: The machine has the advantages of high removal rate and low breakage, which would cut down the harvest time and save labor cost at the same time.

hot selling wheat thresher rice thresher soybean sheller

Structure Features

The Electric Diesel Engine Rice Bean Maize Small Threshing Machine 75 / 90 is suitable for wheat that contains some percentage of water, wheat: grain moisture content is 15-20%; stem water content is 10-25%; the grass-to-valley ratio is 0.8-1.2; rice: grain moisture content is 15-28%; the grass-to-valley ratio is 1.0-2.4.

1.High-capacity for family using;

2. Thethreshing rate can be more than 99%;

3. Therate of broken rice or wheat is less than 0.1%;

4. Electric motor, gas motor, diesel motor can be used as motivation;

5. Wheels can be installed for more convenient transferring; The bucket is designed with a reasonable tilt, assuring working smoothly in the paddy field.

6. Bigger tanks, higher efficiency roller and more powerful fan device make better threshing job.

7. This rice/wheat thresher has two rubber rollers. Great drive and rigid structure are used, so the machine runs smoothly.

Paddy/Wheat Thresher Installation

1. Please put the rice/wheat thresher on the flat place.

2. Please fix the right motor.

3. Please check the V-belt carefully and adjust the direction of the motor.

4. Please adjust the space between rollers and concave.

5. Do make sure the screw tight.

6. Do make the thresher spinning 3-5 minutes to assure no any abnormality happen, then start to work.

Drum speed r/min 1280 1200 1150 1050 1000
Matching power kw 2.2-3.8 7.5 7.5-11 11 11-13
Vibrating screen frequency Hz 250 250 250 250
Amplitude of vibration mm 20 40 40 40
Productivity kg/h 400-500 800-1200 800-1200 1000-1400 1100-1500
Wight(without Motor) kg 60 240 300 380 400

Specification of Diesel or Electric Belt Medium-size Rice and Wheat / Corn Threshing Machine

Size: 1.3*1.2*1.35m

Net Thresher rate: 99%

Damage rate: ≤1%

Supply Ability: 500 Set/Sets per week

Lead time: 48hours after receive deposit for the harvester

Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin

Package: The normal package is wooden box packing or Iron frame packing, if export to European countries, the wooden box will be fumigated. If the container is too tight, we will arrange according to customers special request.

Delivery Detail: By sea or by air.

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