Rotary Tiller Combine By Walking Tractor or 4WD Tractor


Structural features of Rotary Tiller

A tillage machine that drives a working part by the power to chop the soil. It has the functions of plowing and soil-breaking. It can achieve the effect of soil-leveling in one operation, and it is difficult to plow the soil once and the surface is flat to meet the requirements of sowing or transplanting. It is necessary to go through the land preparation before planting. Therefore, cultivating land with a rotary tiller can greatly shorten the time of cultivating the land, which is conducive to the time of harvesting and improving efficiency.

Rotary Machine

Working principle of Rotary Tiller

The rotary tiller will not leak tillage and blockage during the work, and the force of the cutter shaft will evenly meet the following requirements:
1) The blades on the cutter shaft should be placed in a certain order to make the torsion torch more uniform.
2) When using an asymmetric blade, the left and right curved blades should be staggered into the soil as much as possible to reduce the axial force on the knife roll.
3) The cutting amount of the two blades working in the same cell should be equal to ensure the quality of work.
4) The angle difference between adjacent blades should be as large as possible to prevent soiling and blockage (one should be above 60°).
5) The arrangement of the blades should be as simple as possible for the manufacture and use. Generally, spiral arrangements are used. The figure shows the arrangement of the side drive blades and the unfolding sequence of the soil. According to the unfolding, it can be seen that the arrangement of the blades is reasonable and can be used as a basis for rearrangement.

Rotary tiller

The correct use of Rotary Tiller

1. Start
The rotary tiller should engage the power in the ascending state. After the rotary tiller reaches the predetermined speed, the unit can start, preferably at a low speed, so as to ensure the quality of work, finely crush the clods, and reduce the wear of the parts. At the same time, pay attention to whether the rotary tiller has noise or metal percussion sound, observe the soil and depth of the soil, if there is any abnormality, immediately turn off the engine to ensure personal safety, and then carry out inspection work, after troubleshooting Can continue to work.

2. Turn
It is forbidden to work when turning mechanically. The rotary tiller should be raised to keep the blade off the ground and the tractor throttle should be reduced to avoid damage to the blade. The tail wheel and the steering clutch should cooperate with each other and slowly, and the sharp turn is prohibited to prevent damage to the parts. When raising the rotary tiller, the angle of inclination of the universal joint is less than 30 degrees. When the angle is too large, impact noise will occur, causing premature wear or damage.

3. Reverse, transfer
When reversing, crossing the field and transferring the plot, lift the rotary tiller to the highest position and cut off the power to avoid damage to the machine. If you want to transfer to a distant place, use a locking device to fix the rotary tiller.

Rotary tiller


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