Self-Propelled Peanut Picking Machine With Best Price


Self-propelled peanut picking machine is a special peanut harvesting equipment. It is characterized by high work efficiency, can reduce manpower input, high fruit yield and is not easy to leave. The following describes the operation process and product features of the self-propelled peanut picker.

Self Propelled Peanut picker

Self-propelled peanut dismantling machine operation process

1. When feeding peanuts, the peanuts must fill into the feeding port first, and the feeding should balance.
2. It is strictly forbidden to feed hard and hard objects such as stones, wooden blocks, metal and non-metal into the machine during work. So as not to damage the machine and cause personal accidents.

The main features for self-propelled peanut picker

Self Propelled Peanut picking machine
The utility model relates to a self-propelled peanut harvesting machine. Which is characterized in that: three pushing teeth are fixedly connected on the base of the pick-up device. And the eagle-mouth type is slightly curved before the pushing tooth, and the pushing tooth is located at the front end of the pick-up device. The back of the push tooth is connected to the pick-up device through the shaft. The telescopic roller is lower than the front end fixing a plate of the pick-up device, and the telescopic roller is perforated. The telescopic guide sleeve and the telescopic roller are embedded in the hole, and the opening is divided into three. The telescopic tooth extends through the telescopic guide sleeve to an angle of 120° outside the telescopic roller. The telescopic roller has four telescopic teeth with a telescopic guide sleeve. And the telescopic tooth and the cage roller are at 90°. And the twisted cage roller is fixedly connected to the spiral.


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