Small Harvester Chili Windrower Product Introduction


Small Harvester Chili Windrower Product Introduction

The windrower is a special type and purpose harvester. Cut the wheat stalks and spread them on the stubble to become the slats of the stalks to facilitate the drying of the grain harvesting machinery. The straw after drying is picked up by a grain combine harvester with a picker and can also be used to harvest pasture. The windrower appeared in the late 1920s and was later widely used in countries such as the United States, Canada, and the Soviet Union. Since 1947, China has gradually promoted its use in state-owned farms in the Northeast and other places. It began to develop and produce in 1952.

The bumper harvest of peppers has brought people difficulty in picking. Now, a small, lightweight pepper harvester has been finally produced. It is powered by a small gasoline engine. It has a single row and two wheels, and it is easy to walk. It is a must-have machine for pepper harvesting. The Small Harvester Chili Windrower can automatically walk, the blade is sharp, and the 80-tooth blade processed by the manganese steel quenching process of No. 65 is used. The harvested pepper is not scattered, neatly turned to one side, which is convenient for later labor.

Advantage of Small Harvester Chili Windrower

1. The machine is harvested cleanly, laid neatly, can be laid or stacked; can quickly harvest rice, beans, large wheat and other crops in paddy fields.
2. Don’t bend over when you harvest, you can use both men and women. Replace the corresponding knives, attach the upper and lower pallets and a safety shield, and harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds, and tea garden branches and trims.
3. The machine is suitable for large and small fields and muddy fields such as plains, hills, terraces, and triangles; it can harvest 1.2-1.5 mu per hour, harvesting acre of rice and other crops at a current market price of 90#, 93# gasoline, per mu The fuel consumption is about RMB 4.00.
4. The machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain. The engine is made of Japanese technology, the power is strong and stable, the cylinder wall is chrome-plated, and the crankshaft is strengthened to extend the life of the engine.
5. The blades of the machine are made of high-quality manganese steel. The transmission part adopts advanced high-frequency quenching technology, which has strong wear resistance. The connecting parts of the transmission part are accurate and precise, and the movement is smooth, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the user.
6. The machine is replaced with the corresponding tool or work head, equipped with a safety shield, and can also harvest shrubs, pastures, reeds and tea plantation branches and flower beds.
7. Small Harvester Chili Windrower eliminates the phenomenon that the electric harvester is frequently stuck due to insufficient power, which makes the user’s harvest more smooth.

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