Tractor Mounted Garlic sowing Machine with Capacity 0.8-1acre/h


Notes of using a garlic planter

1. When using the garlic planting machine, first of all, it is necessary to ensure the conditions suitable for the germination of garlic. When the soil is too dry, the garlic will not germinate and the land will be too muddy. The first steps before planting garlic are whether the plot reaches the condition for sowing garlic. Then seeding is carried out to achieve a better germination rate of the seeds.

2. When using the garlic planter to work, pay attention to the start and the lifting of the ground implements properly. When the operation starts, the rotary cutter is off the ground, combined with the power. After the idling reaches a certain speed, the gear is started again, and the slow landing gear gradually enters the soil until normal operation. When turning to the ground to raise the implement, it should not be lifted too high. The angle between the universal joint and the power output shaft should not exceed 25 degrees. If it is necessary to cut off the power. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the parts of the garlic planter.

3. The position of the drive direction section and the combination rotary cutter should correct when the garlic planter is installed. Otherwise, the machine will be lifted and rotated inflexibly, increasing vibration and reducing life.

4. The seedling rotary cutter is composed of a curved knife and a straight knife. When installing, the curved knife should be bent inward to ensure that the garlic planter throws the straw into the ridge during the operation. And there is basically no long straw in the seeding ditch for the emergence of garlic.

5. To have the appropriate strength. In order to solve the problem that there are many straws in the sowing seedlings of garlic, it is easy to breathe, and the garlic planter is equipped with a blower.

6. When tractor mounted garlic sowing machine planting work, adjust the intensity according to the soil moisture. The pressure can be adjusted by changing the position of the upper limit pin of the rocker arm on both sides of the garlic planter wheel. The more the upper limit pin moves down, the greater the force.

7. Fertilizers and seeds need to be staggered by more than 3 cm. If garlic and fertilizer are too close, there will be abnormal production of garlic caused by burning seedlings. The more the amount of sowing fertilizer is staggered, the larger the distance should be. The operation of the garlic seeder should be adjusted. After adjustment, turn the wheel to watch the operation of the seed meter. After the adjustment, the seeding state of the seed meter should be that each scoop wheel has garlic.

Maintenance method OF Tractor Mounted Garlic sowing Machine

1. When the leisure time or idle period comes, the soil of all parts of the equipment can remove.

2. Remove the seeds and fertilizer from the seed box, especially the fertilizer box. Be sure to wash it with water and dry it, then apply anti-corrosion paint inside the box.

3. Inspect the equipment for damaged and worn parts, replace or repair if necessary, and repaint if there is paint stripping.

4. After cleaning the soil working parts such as the opener and the building device, be sure to apply butter or waste oil to avoid rust.

5. The equipment should store in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding open storage as much as possible. It is recommended to support the rack when it is stored. The opener and earth cover should pad with the board. Do not directly contact the ground.

6. The compression spring in the opener on the device should relax and keep free.

7. After the equipment has been stored for a long time, maintenance and overhaul of the equipment should be carried out in advance of the next season of planting to avoid failure during use.

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