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Tractor Mounted Garlic Sowing Machine

Hexie as the professional China Garlic Planter Manufactures provides a variety of China Garlic Seeder Equipment such as tractor Mounted Garlic Sowing Machine, and Automatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine. Various Chinese medicinal materials, fruit tree seeds, flower seeds Planter Machine. Now Large particle seed planter, Tractor mounted automatic garlic sowing machine From Hexie Company, Automatic Agriculture Garlic Planter and Garlic Seeder for sale. Automatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine best quality, big efforts to save manpower, and the performance is strong. The machine can spread the basis fertilizer during planting and can complete the suppression at the same time, the machine has the characteristics of narrow trenching, moisture, and the front of the fertilizer, side spreading is suitable the machine can match a wide range of tractors. Our seeder has 4-10 row unit, designed for small size, medium-sized and large size farms. Welcome to consult Tractor Mounted Garlic sowing Machine price.

This new type China Garlic Seeder Equipment can be used for both flat and hilly area. It can realize wide range and successive sowing by adjusting the direction of garlic root. It has advantages of even sowing, large particle seed planter, Chinese medicinal materials, low missing seed rate, easy operation and adjustable, which make it the most popular garlic planting machine in the market.

Introduce of 3 Point hitch Garlic Planting Machine

China Garlic Planter Garlic Seeder can be widely used in plains and hills to realize the mechanization planting of garlic in scale through the adjustment of the garlic head, it can realize the continuous spot planting.

1. The effective and reasonable configuration of the whole machine ensures the stable, reliable and efficient operation process.

2. Quickly adjust the direction of garlic facing up, so that garlic roots down, head up.

3. Continuously and accurately spot the seeds to ensure planting, spacing, and seeding frequency.

4.The density of planting and uniformity of sowing.

5. Using four-wheel tractor power, low cost, simple structure, easy to scale operations.

6. Accurate point species, high efficiency, can improve the efficiency of planting, to achieve the mechanization of garlic sowing.

7.Garlic direction of the rapid adjustment, so that garlic up, to ensure the survival rate of planting.

8. This machine could make sure that the upwards sprout rate could reach 95%-98%.

9. The efficiency is higher than labor, which could save a big cost for the worker.

10. This is 6 rows garlic planter machine matched with Tractor, low cost, simple.

Product Features Garlic Planting Machine

1. Adopt picker finger seed drill metering precision, sowing fast and accurate. Especially the different size of seeds.

2. It is can be Sowing corn or soybean by replacing the seeding plate.

3. Adopt unit contouring, perform the same drilling depth and fit for the different condition of the soil.

4. Tractor Mounted Garlic sowing Machine price is reasonable.

Specification of Tractor Mounted Garlic Sowing Machine

Rows: 6 rows (4-10 row)

Row spacing 18-20cm

Plant spacing 5-14cm adjustable

6 speed switches adjustable

Dimension: 1.360*0.76*0.76m

Weight: 88kg

Supply Ability

100 Set/Sets per Week

Packaging & Delivery

Iron packing or wooden packing or according to the customer’s demand

Shipping of Tractor Mounted Garlic Sowing Machine

1. We can load container at Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Guangzhou.

2. Orange provide shipping method: Courier service, Air transport, Sea Transport.

Can accept an order: Full container cargo load, Less container load.

We always choose the most economical and reliable shipping company to make sure you receive the goods in time.

The tracking number will be provided to you once the consignment is shipped.

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