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Tractor Mounted Multi-Function Reaper Binder

Hexie professional Tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper Binder manufacturer, provide high-quality Tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper Binder, Tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper Binder, wheat rice reaper binder machine tractor operated / tractor mounted reaper head rice cutter/ Agriculture mini paddy harvester machine, Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester Binder Price. Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester, it is with advantages of small volume, compact structure, complete harvesting, low stubble, automatic binding and putting, driven by Tractor Multi-function Reaper Binder use, especially for lodging crop harvesting effect is significant. It’s the new product with the advanced technology in China, strengthened applicability, improved performance, better reliability, and optimized technical structure. The application of advanced production process factory, strong technical force, with strong product research and development capabilities, small harvester system, quality, and performance has reached the advanced level of domestic similar products, product design, exquisite technology, perfect customer service. This product has been extended to a number of provinces and cities, are exported to Europe, America, Africa, and Southeast Asia and other developed countries and regions have won the honor and praise at home and abroad, has a high reputation in the user. Welcome to consult Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder Price in China.

Tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper Binder is Tractor With Multi-function Peanut Harvester manufacturer a kind of new product with advanced technology. It with transformation differential device slews flexible. It could be used to bind and harvest low stem crops such as Wheat, Rice, Barley, Oats, etc. It’s applicable in the plain, hills, slopes, small field, etc… 4G rice-wheat reaper mini reaper walk behind the harvester. The rice and wheat reaper machine is a simple structure, strong ability to rake, durable, easy to operate and maintain. If you need it, you can come to consult Multi-function Paddy Rice Reaper Harvester Binder Price.

The advantage of Tractor Mounted Multi-function Reaper Binder

What’s more, it is high quality and reasonable price, which could meet the requirements of intensive cultivation. Therefore they are warmly welcomed by a large number of customers. Usage of factory price paddy field reaper paddy reaping machine. Driven by a tractor, with a rugged, lightweight, mobility flexible, simple and convenient operation of labor-saving, low-cut stubble, not pressure are summarized, and from the ridge away from the crop row spacing and the advantages and restrictions. Widely applicable to the size of the harvested cropland, especially for the harvest of muddy land. The models around 3-4.5 acres harvested per hour, about 1.2 liters of fuel, 20 times the artificial harvest.

The tractor mounted reaper head rice cutter working principle of Hexie brand corn stalk harvester: The power comes from the pulley of the horizontal bar diesel engine on the tractor. Through two B-type V-belts, the power is delivered to the gearbox of the machine. After the shifting, the chain is respectively transmitted to the upper, middle and lower conveying chains and the rotary cutter through the sprocket. After cutting the corn stalk, under the action of the three-layer chain, the straw is outputted from the left to the right along with the host, leaving the main machine, and laid naturally perpendicular to the direction of the tractor.

Driven by Tractor Multi-function Reaper Binder use, the clutching of the power is based on the hydraulic lifting rod behind the tractor, which drives the main engine to lift and lower through the wire rope and the pulley. When the hydraulic lifting rod is operated, the distance between the gearbox and the diesel pulley is reduced when the main engine is raised, the belt is relaxed, and the main engine loses power and stops rotating. When the main engine is lowered, the belt is tightened and the belt drives the main machine to work.

Main Features

1. Use: harvest of rice, wheat, soybean, sesame, hot pepper, reeds, It also can be used to cut all kinds of forage grass and simple individual crops, widely used in plains, hills, slopes and narrow field cropping plots, The Machine could be not only suitable for the harvesting on the big, middle and small fields but also suitable on the area with inconvenient traffic. The big advantage of the machine is safe, easy to operate, easy-moving. It can work well in hilly and mountains area which big combine harvester can’t work there.
2. Features: small, walking, self-propelled;
3. Function: harvest, bundle;
4. Advantages: small size, light weight, less fuel consumption, flexible mobile performance, simple and convenient operation, low cutting; no limit on distance.
5. Binding device: The binding device can be good cut rice or wheat bundle, tied to the side of the machine to the right side of the machine.
6. High-quality alloy blade: Cutting knife with high-quality alloy blade can be a good harvest of about 1 meter of plants.
7. Reap fallen crops: Except for the upstanding crops, it can also reap fallen crops (lodging crops).
8. The handle can be adjusted: The handle can be adjusted upward or downward, with 180° rotation, safer and suitable for different heights people.
9. Turn around freely: It’s with widening wheels, there is an inner tube which is inflatable. There is differential gear, which can turn around freely.
10. Adopts shaft drive: This wheat/rice reaper binder adopts shaft drive, with bigger torque and high efficiency.
11. High-quality materials and components: This wheat/rice reaper binder is made of high-quality materials and components.
12. Compact structure: Compact structure, complete harvesting, low stubble, reaping&binding&putting aside at one time, more convenient and high efficiency, high quality, and long service life.
13. Price quoting: Tractor Mounted Reaper Binder Price in China.


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