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Tractor Mounted Peanut Harvester For Ridge forming Land

Tractor Mounted Peanut Harvester For Ridge forming Land, Multifunction peanut potato garlic harvesting machine mounted Tractor, a new generation of wild peanut harvester is the company successful development of the new machine, can make the process more efficient harvest, harvest effect more perfect, Driven by Tractor high efficiency Peanut harvester for Farm has the following characteristics: complete and orderly operation process in the operation of finishing supporting seedling, mining, soil crusting, soil shaking and peanut laying drying tasks, and the loss rate is low, high efficiency, low cost of harvest. The single working efficiency is 4-6 mu /H, the peanut harvest rush in the harvest time is short, Factory directly Supply for Peanut Groundnut Harvester, Farm used Machinery Factory Price Tractor Mounted Combine Peanut Harvester, low cost, and applicable to ridge land.

Tractor supporting peanut harvester

Tractor Mounted Peanut Harvester for Ridge forming Land is a new type of peanut harvester specially developed by our company for peanut planting characteristics. It Driven by Tractor high-efficiency Peanut harvester for Farm, has the advantages of clean harvest, high harvesting efficiency and the like, and effectively solves the problem of harvested peanut farmers. The peanut harvester is the machine that collects the nuts and collects them into the fruit box. The peanut harvester with new technology makes the harvesting process more efficient and a lower loss rate. It can complete raising seedlings, digging, broking soil, peanut laying and drying with a low loss rate, high efficiency, and low harvest cost.

Factory directly Supply for Peanut Groundnut Harvester, homework, digging shovel scooping up soil of along with of peanuts, threw the earth wheel and dial sent round the strike, the clouds were smashed and leakage part, and then by the three points and soil round bar continuous casting, chopped fine clod, and soil particles through the article circular rod sieve, peanut pods and a small amount of fine root and fine soil were thrown to the oscillating cleaning sieve, such as fine soil through the sieve pore reduction, catsup by sieving into fruit on both sides of the box, thus saving time and human labor. Tractor Mounted Peanut Harvester For Ridge forming land, it is applied widely in Chinese farms and other countries in the world.

Features of the Multifunction peanut potato garlic harvesting machine mounted Tractor

1.Good performance and high efficiency;
2. Mainly used for harvesting underground root crops such as potatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, carrots, and peanuts;
3. Small damage, won’t damage to the skin, harvest with grain straw, no blocking grass;
4.Fast soil leakage, simple structure, and long service life;
5.With a high intensity digging shovel can be applied to various kind of soil, which satisfy for high-intensity work. The behind sieve can be adjusted to make the different speed of this machine, which is high performance for various kind of soil. The professional machine mainly used for sand and semi-stand lands in various cities;
6. The farm used Machinery Factory Price Tractor Mounted Combine Peanut Harvester;
7. With a double layer of vibration sieve, can assure the dropping peanut to the ground, which can reduce the loss rate. Small vibration, lightweight pulling, shaking soil clean, neatly arranged, and high net collection rate.

Specification of Tractor Mounted Peanut Harvester For Ridge forming Land

Supporting power: 18-40 horsepower

Matching form: tractor drive shaft, Center output and Side output (It could use without Rear output shaft)

Machine size: 2200*800*900mm

Structure quality (kg): 218

work width: 80 cm

Input seed: 540-720r/min

Adapt to the Ridge planting:

The Row-spacing 15-30cm

Flat planting wide Row-spacing 45 cm

Narrow Row-spacing 25cm

30-75hp Tractor Mounted Work width 48-78 cm Peanut Harvester

The maximum width of the rear wheel track of the tractor cannot exceed 1.3 meters.

Working efficiency: 4-6 mu/hour

Net harvest rate: 99.5%

Damage rate: ≤1%

Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per day

Lead time: 15 days after receive deposit for the peanut harvester

Package: The normal package is wooden box packing or Iron frame packing, if export to European countries, the wooden box will be fumigated. If the container is too tight, we will arrange according to customers special request.

Delivery Detail: By sea or by air

Working video of Peanut Harvester

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