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Various Types Of Garden Management Tractors

Micro Tractor/Orchard Tractor/Small Garden Tractor, cheap price 40 hip 404 Mini Garden Tractor/ Agricultural Tractor. We can produce customized all sorts of small, medium, large tractor, diesel type, electric type can be customized production, walking tractor 5 HP – 20 HP,   medium-sized tractor 15 HP – 110 HP tractor, and 120 HP to 140 HP large farm tractors, and We can supply series farm implements, such as disc plow, harrow, loader, backhoe, trailer etc. you want. But firstly, tell us your preferred horsepower tractor.

Micro Tractor/Orchard Tractor/Small Garden Tractor, Two-speed power output, good matching of equipment, can meet a variety of operational needs. With reinforced drive axle design, product performance is more reliable.

The advantage of various types of garden management tractors

Optimized design with a short wheelbase and down muffler, which is more suitable for operation in orchards and greenhouses, and easier. Supporting direct-injection energy-saving diesel engine with low fuel consumption, strong power, and good economic performance.

The cheap price 40 hip 404 Mini Garden Tractor/ Agricultural Tractor‘s shifting is light, the shifting sleeve is shifted, and the shifting is light and reliable.

The gearbox adopts 6+1 combined shifting, and the speed configuration is more reasonable. The driver’s seat is ergonomically designed for the safe and comfortable ride.

The technical parameters are as follows

Dimensions: eccentric seat 2100mm × 1100mm × 900mm seat 2300mmX1000mmX1150mm
Machine weight: 750–800 kg
Supporting power: 20–45 horsepower
Connection method: hanging type
Supporting equipment: Rotary tiller, grapevine machine, straw returning machine, digging machine, ridge machine, ditching and fertilizing machine, rotary tilling ridge machine, single hoe turning plow, double hoe turning plow, hoe wheel Ditching machine, fertilizer applicator, double plow, backfill, weeding wheel, etc.
Rotary tiller width: 0.9m–1.2mm
Supporting rotary tiller tillage width: 0.9m-1.2m
Support rotary tiller weight: 150kg
Front wheel model: 400-12 (optional)
Wheelbase: 1450mm
Rear wheel model: 600-12 (optional)
Startup mode: electric start
Lifting method: gear pump hydraulic lifting

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