Welcome our agents to visit the factory


In order to increase the communication between our manufacturers and agents, and to let agents better understand our products. We sincerely invite our agents to come to our company headquarters for field visits a few days ago. The visit included our production workshop, our various agricultural equipment, and our technical team. Among them, our leaders also told our agents about our company’s corporate development strategy, corporate culture, product philosophy, business operation model, etc.. Making agents have greater confidence in the expansion of our products in the country and abroad. Appreciation of the rapid development of the company’s headquarters, and pleasantly reached the intention of deep cooperation, the existing cooperation relationship has been further consolidated.

Through this factory visit, our advanced production process and fine technical concept have enabled the agents to further understand Hexie’s core technology and cost-effective product advantages. Have a higher awareness of Hexie’s technology, products and company’s operating strength, as well as more trust and support for Hexie’s new products. The agent conducted a test operation on our China hot sale multifunctional grain thresher/sheller. The efficient production and simple operation of the equipment made the agent confident in our products.

The agents show their trust and concern for Hexie and their products, which makes all the staff of the company feel intimate and inspiring. We also know the corporate responsibility and the trust of the family. We must work harder and dedication. Do our best to do every job and service in our duties and make better products for our customers.
Finally, after visiting our factory, the agents spontaneously exchanged their experiences with our staff and took a group photo. This visit not only brought a lot of feelings to the agents but also made us realize that our work still has a long way to go.

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