6-18 Rows Wheat / Rice /Grass Seed Sowing Equipment Product Features


6-18 rows of wheat/rice/grass sowing equipment, new matching wheat smashing machine anti-winding, no rushing piles, and the mechanized sowing of corn can be more effectively carried out after the tidy harvest. The planter is more effective for farmers to grow. The equipment directly attaches the corn fertilizing planter to the back of the smashing machine, and can complete the functions of smashing, fertilizing and sowing at one time, thereby realizing the compound operation and improving the working efficiency.

Wheat/rice/grass sowing equipment product features

1. It can complete the functions of sowing, ridge, fertilization, drip pipe belt, etc. at one time, compact structure, convenient adjustment, and use, improve production efficiency, save time and effort;
2. Fertilization methods include: pre-rotating fertilization and post-grooving strip application, the amount of fertilization is adjustable, and the fertilization efficiency is high;
3. The depth and position of the post-fertilizer can be adjusted, mainly for related crops with concentrated fertilization.
4. Wheat/rice/grass seed sowing equipment perfect combination of ridge and fertilization, not only ensure the uniform fertilization but also can achieve the concentration of fertilizer in the ridge, avoid waste, provide a three-dimensional loose and fertile growth environment for crops.


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