Working Principles and Features Multi-Function Peanut Planter


Peanut is one of the main economic crops in China. The mechanization technology of peanut production includes mechanical techniques such as mechanical tillage, mechanical filming, mechanical sowing, mechanical plant protection, mechanical harvesting. And processing techniques such as mechanical shelling and mechanical oil extraction. The core content is sowing and harvesting. The mechanization of the two aspects of plowing and peanut shelling is higher. The planting and harvesting process is still mainly semi-mechanized. And the seeding machinery has two kinds of manpower and machine introduction. And most of the human seeding machines. The peanut planter produced in Shandong and other places can complete multiple processes such as crushing soil crushing, soil turning, trenching and fertilizing, soil covering, spraying pesticides, spreading mulch, drilling and sowing, and soil-covering. Can widely promote.

Peanut cultivation is a typical labor-intensive industry. At present, peanut cultivation and harvesting in many places are mainly based on labor. While the cost of artificially planting peanuts accounts for about 40% of the total cost. In recent years, with the rapid increase of labor costs, peanut seeding Time-consuming labor in various production links. Such as harvesting has become an important reason for restricting the scale production and benefit growth of peanuts. And will fundamentally weaken the competitiveness of China’s peanut industry. Therefore, changing the traditional planting mode, the peanut planter is generally used for sowing. It is imperative to reduce production costs.

Works of Multi-Function Peanut Planter

2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter the tractor traction planter advances, the driving wheel drives the seeding shaft and the fertilization shaft to rotate. The fertilizer shovel applies the fertilizer to the soil between the two rows of peanuts. And the seeding mechanism spreads the peanut seeds evenly. Into the corresponding two grooves. After the spraying system sprays the herbicide on the ridge surface. The film-removing mechanism automatically adjusted by the relaxation degree flattens the mulch film on the ridge surface. And the laminating roller presses the mulch film in time. And the back-end soil shovel supports the soil to compact the mulch film. The soil drum has two soil belts on the surface of the mulch so that all the processes such as sowing, fertilizing, spraying, laminating and soil building are completed in one operation. Generally, the sowing of peanuts should about 5 cm. It is necessary to master the principle that “dry without deep, wet without shallow” and shallow soil. Sandy land or large sandy land. The depth of open cultivation should not exceed 7 cm, shallow can not shallower than 3 cm.

Features OF Multi-Function Peanut Planter

Hexie Machinery develope the 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter developed mainly consists of a combination of rotary tiller and film planter that meets the requirements of agronomy and is directly attached to the tractor to work on the cultivated land. The functions are complete, from sowing, fertilizing, spraying, laminating to building soil. Which greatly reduces the physical labor intensity of farmers and improves production efficiency. It has been promoted very quickly in recent years and has become a good helper for farmers.

In terms of sowing, unlike the seeding machines of foreign small grain. Hexie Machinery develope the 2-4 rows multi-function peanut planter has the characteristics of being suitable for domestic large. Medium and small varieties of peanut seeds and the seeding damage rate are low, fertilizing, sowing, spraying, mulching ridging all in one peanut planter. High efficiency and good work quality.

Assignment style of Multi-Function Peanut Planter

Peanut planter with fertilizer machine is a new type of multi-purpose seeding machine that can use in both single and combined operations. The single operation is mainly carried out directly on the tractor on the cultivated land. Mainly in accordance with the agronomic requirements. Rotary tiller and film planter is combined with a clever connection. The joint operation drives the cutter shaft through the power output shaft to rotate the plow. And the mulching, fertilization, water storage, sowing, soil, repression, film mulching, and film pressing on the membrane is completed by the rear mulch seeder.

When using the peanut planter, be sure to pay attention when planting, do not pull, push and other operations, so as not to damage the internal gear of the planter. When planting, you must move at a constant speed. The peanut planter can’t cope with the speed of planting and run quickly. Seeds and fertilizers should not overfill, and the amount of fertilizer must not less than one-fifth of that of the fertilizer tank. At the end of the sowing, according to the above assembly procedure, the planter is disassembled, and the soil is cleaned to seal the seeder. Do not store in a place where direct sunlight and rain can drip, which is not convenient for the next year.

When planting machinery, it is necessary to use excellent varieties, and after clearing and chemical dressing treatment. For mid-late mature varieties, the ground temperature at 5 cm is 15-18 °C, and the medium-bred varieties are sown at 12-15 °C, and the seeding speed is about 4 km/h. Soils with poor estrus or sandy soil should suppress in time to avoid running. Peanuts covered with the plastic film should select from loam with thicker soil and medium fertility. Before planting, the bottom fertilizer should apply to ensure the moisture, the land is plowed and leveled, and the herbicide is sprayed.

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